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Welcome to STOLL Print Services GmbH

The specialists for Manroland printing presses

Your competent partner

MANROLAND sheetfed offset­press specialists

STOLL Print Services GmbH is a global service provider specialising in the servicing, dismantling, reassembly and troubleshooting of MANROLAND sheetfed offset presses.

Repair & Maintenance

Every minute counts for the smooth operation of your presses. An interruption in the production process can not only lead to costly downtime but also affect the confidence of your customers.

Remote maintenance

Maximum productivity without loss of time. Monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot remotely. Rely on our solution for smooth printing operations.


The installation of a printing press is a crucial step for an efficient and successful printing operation. For a smooth start, we offer our professional installation services.

Inspection & Preventive Maintenance

To ensure that your presses always function optimally and downtimes are minimised, regular inspections and preventive maintenance are essential. With us you are in the best hands.

Support in Problematic Areas

When problems arise with your presses, fast help is crucial to minimise costly downtime. We are at your side with our know-how and experience.

Expert Opinions & Inspections

When buying or selling printing presses, reliable information and assessments are important. Our appraisals and inspections offer you just that.

We are specialised in:
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We supply you with original supplier or alternative parts

Electrical parts

Mechanical parts

Online color presetting + control

Aggregate from graphic industrie suppliers

Remote diagnosis instead of travel expenses

With our remote diagosis, we can ideally avoid journeys. Or it helps us to be on site right away with the right spare parts to avoid a second journey.